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Neeli Chatri Waale - Episode 152 - July 17, 2016 - Full Episode

Bhagwan Das comes rushing to his wife and tells that the soap in the bathroom has finished. Bobby tells him that soap in the house is finished too. Atmaram too shows up in the scene and tells Bhagwan Das that even the incense sticks has been finished. Bobby begins listing out things that have been finished in the house and asks Bhagwan Das to bring it and restock it. At the same time, Atmaram begins taunting Bhagwan Das and tells him that he is very well versed while taking things at Kalia's house. Watch the engrossing episode of 'Neeli Chathri Wale' to know what happens ahead.

Serial: Neeli Chatri Waale
Telecast Date: 17th July 2016
Episode Number: 152
Available on: