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Pattedari Prathiba - Episode 202 - January 15, 2018 - Full Episode

About the show

Pattedari Prathiba is an inspiring story of a simple housewife who discovers her inner talent and goes on become the most successful detective . Mrs.Prathiba wife of Dr.Prashanth ,is a middle aged , responsible housewife who takes care of her entire family. Life takes a turn when Inspector Ajay , brother of Pratibha’s sister-in-law , approaches Pratiba with a crime case. Prathiba,who always had an inclination towards mystery novels since childwood , solves the complicated case with her intelligence and sharp mind. Ajay,surprised at discovering Pratibha’s hidden talent and convinces her to become a real time detective and solve real crime cases. The show has Sharmila in the lead as Pattedari Prathiba , Vallabh as Prathibha’s husband and Senior actress Padma Vasanti as Prathiba’s Mother-In-Law. There are other renowned star cast in Pattedari Prathiba which will add a lot of weightage to this serial. This serial is Directed by Mr.Neveen Krishna who is the most versatile actor and director in the Industry and is Produced by Vikyath chitra.

Serial: Pattedari Prathiba
Telecast Date: Mon-Fri 8.00 PM
Episode Number: 202
Available on: