Ruhee Bagga as Pari
Pari Played by Ruhee Bagga

Pari deshmukh is daughter of poorvi n arjun.she is business lady and she hates her father arjun kirlosker fr leaving her mom.she dnt wana see him ever.she will be only the love interest of naren and she will turn out to be parallel lead of our show. Pari thinks, Aman (Naren) cheated on her like Arjun did with Purvi. Aman and Ahana were madly in love but one day destiny separates them. Pari tells Pia that Aaji brought her back to Canada. She thinks Aman told his fake name as she tried searching for him but couldn't find him. She lost faith in love and relationships..

Ankita Lokhande as Anikta Raghav Mhatre
Anikta Raghav Mhatre Played by Ankita Lokhande

she is sohams daughter.she is a women of today.very strong confident.since childhood she has taken the responsibility of her younger brother and sister.she is married to naren karmarker.she is deeplyin love with him knowng that his husband is little mad. Ankita meets Pari for a business meet. Both share a good time and enjoy each other's company. In fact, the two like each other and also have a list of appreciation words for the other..

Karishma Sharma as Pia
Pia Played by Karishma Sharma

Pia was raised to be a lovely young lady by her mother Ovi Kirloskar. She is very kind and loving. She has love for all her family members and even loved them before she met them. She even united her family. She was also kind enough to unite her father Arjun Kirloskar and her stepmother/aunt Purvi Deshmukh. She did not try to unite her own parents Arjun and Ovi as she was mature enough to unerstand that her dad was in love with her stepmom. She is also always thinking about others. First she tried to unite her dad and stepmom, then she tried to unite her mom with her mom's family and now she's trying to unite her half-sister Pari with her ex-boyfriend Aman (She is unaware that Aman is actually Naren Karmarkar, the husband of her cousin Ankita). Pia is a talented chef as she studied Hotel Management as her degree in Australia. She is skilled in preparing various indian, Marathi and Western dishes. Her mother Ovi has also taught her some of her cooking skills particularly in preparing Marathi dishes. She has probabaly learnt to prepare Western dishes from her cooking school in Australia..

Karan Mehra as Naren Shirish Karmarkar
Naren Shirish Karmarkar Played by Karan Mehra

Once a business tycoon shatp minded person who is knwn for his intelligence.he is married to ankita but he calls her as ahana.aahana is his lost love n since then he has lost his mental balance.In the story we have shown that pari is only aahana and he is only aman..

Karan Suchak as Shekhar
Shekhar Played by Karan Suchak

Shekhar is narens friend. lawyer by profession. he is a positive guy. now he is getting married to Pari..