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Pavitra Rishta - Episode 1042 - May 14, 2013

In the May 14 Episode of Pavitra Rishta, Arjun requests Purvi to let him meet Pari. Purvi refuses to meet him at first, but later, meets him with Pari. Arjun and Purvi notice Dr Onir in Mumbai, while they travel towards Purvi's house. Purvi gets annoyed as Dr Onir lie to her about his visit to Chennai. Dr Onir on the other hand, gets nervous on answering Purvi's questions. He lies to her questions on various intervals the same night. Purvi gets saddened after noticing Dr Onir's innumerable lies though he tactfully handles every situation. Gauri and Soham coincidently attend a seminar that has Dr Agarwal being felicitated for his work and achievements. On catching Soham's glance at the venue, Purvi calls the police and asks them to get Soham arrested.

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 14th May 2013
Episode Number: 1042
Available on: