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Pavitra Rishta Feb 1 Episode Video

Sachin phones Savita to tell her that he managed to convince Archana to divorce Manav. Savita is on cloud nine to hear the news. Sachin states that he would return to Canada only after Archana and Manav's divorce gets finalized. Sachin informs Manav that he told Savita about the divorce procedure. Frustrated with Archana, Manav signs on the divorce papers. He tells Sachin to take charge of the divorce proceeding. Before leaving, he instructs Sachin to give Archana everything that she has demanded.Sachin gets elated as he has managed to convince Manav to sign on the divorce papers. He believes that Shravani would now get her rightful place in Manav's life. He is left uneasy as he was not able to describe why he was not happy about the divorce. After work, Purvi waits at a junction for the bus to arrive when its starts raining. Keeping the weather in mind, Arjun orders his driver to tell Purvi that they could drop her home. Purvi is surprised when Arjun offers to drop her home. She gets irritated when Arjun asks his driver to put newspaper on the seat before Purvi sits as she is completely drenched. Sachin calls up Archana and asks her to meet him to discuss the divorce procedure. Archana agrees to meet him. On meeting Archana, Sachin tells her that he wanted to give her a copy of the divorce papers. Archana refuses to accept the copy as she believes that it would only add to her plight. Sachin shows her a document where in Manav has mentioned that he was ready to give Archana whatever she had demanded. Archana checks the document and replies that the things she wanted were not mentioned.

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 1st February 2012
Episode Number: 12
Available on: