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Pavitra Rishta Jan 10 Episode Video

In the previous episode, Savita got apprehensive after learning that Manav had met Archana in India.Savita is frantic as she believes that after 18 long years Archana may come back in Manav's life. She believes that the situation could have been avoided had she stopped Manav from visiting India.Archana and the staff present at the company get shocked when Arjun sacks Purvi by handing over a termination letter to her. Arjun warns the staff if they do not agree to sign the agreement by the following day, he would be forced to terminate them too.Believing that Sachin would help her in stopping Archana from returning in their lives, Savita informs him about Manav and Archana's meeting. Savita reminds Sachin about the plight which Shravani had to go through because of Archana. She tells him that he must help her in keeping Archana away from Manav. Sachin promises Savita that he would not allow Archana to ruin Manav's life. In order to learn about Purvi, Damodar decides to call up Archana. Archana gets elated hearing Damodar. She enquires with Damodar about Tejaswini and Ovi. Damodar feels bad as Archana was deprived of taking care of her infant daughters. Archana informs Damodar that after they left for Canada, she had adopted Purvi, whose parents died in an accident.He ends the conversation by stating that Manav would soon call her up. He adds that he would not inform Manav about the truth as he strongly believed that destiny would soon reunite them.

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 10th January 2012
Episode Number: 12
Available on: