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Pavitra Rishta July 15 Episode Video

Manav along with his factory colleagues arrives at Dharmesh and Vaishali's marriage in the July 15 episode of Pavitra Rishta aired on Zee TV. Manav presents a gift to Dharmesh and Vaishali. Vaishali, Sulochana, Manohar, Vinod, Varsha and Manjusha are shocked to learn that Manav is working at Dharmesh's factory as a worker. Archana is hurt to see Manav there. Manav goes away after presenting the gift. Sulochana asks Manav to sit with them as she still considers him a part of the Karanjkar family. However, Manav refuses to sit with the Karanjars saying he is here from Dharmesh's side. Manav also feels it won't look nice if he sits with them. Sulochana is hurt. Varsha gets angry at Satish for not revealing to anyone that Manav is working in his factory for the past six months. Satish says Manav had urged him to hide it from everyone as he didn't want to renew his ties with the Karanjkars. Vaishali is depressed on seeing Manav sitting with the workers. She requests Sulochana to invite Manav to sit with them, Sulochana says she tried her best but Manav won't budge. Shravani phones Manav to ask whether he has left the venue since they have to attend the wedding of her sister too. Manav says he will leave soon. Archana urges Manav to have ice-cream before leaving. Seeing them both, Manjusha taunts Archana and makes comments about Manav being a worker. An offended Archana says she is doing that since Manav is special for the whole Karanjkar family. Archana says it doesn't matter to her what she thinks. Manjusha is left fuming after the snub. Will Manav leave his job?

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 15th July 2010
Episode Number: 298
Available on: