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Pavitra Rishta July 7 Episode Video

In the July 7 episode of Pavitra Rishta aired on Zee TV, Savita gets elated seeing Archana and Manav return home happy from the party. Manav praises Archana for confidently conversing in English with his foreign delegates. Disturbed with Punni and Ruchi's ill mannered behavior towards Rasika, Manjusha holds Sulochana responsible for it. She complains to Vinod, who comes home in a drunken state, about Sulochana poisoning Punni and Ruchi against Rasika. Vinod too holds Sulochana responsible for creating misunderstandings and deliberately involving the children in her tiff with Rasika. Sulochana states that she will talk to him when he is sober, Vinod asserts that he was stating the truth. Vinod accuses Sulochana of creating problems at home just the way Manohar has left them embarrassed in society. Satish gets apprehensive when he fails to find Varsha at home. He calls up Archana to check if she knew about her whereabouts. Manav questions Dharmesh about the quality of raw materials being used at Andheri's site. He tells him that since he was in-charge of procurement of cement he was directly responsible. Dharmesh gets angry and retorts that he cannot be held responsible without proof. Manav threatens to teach Dharmesh a lesson of his life if he is found guilty. Will Manav be able to prove Dharmesh guilty?

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 7th July 2011
Episode Number: 558
Available on: