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Pavitra Rishta June 27 Episode Video Part 1

In the previous episode, Manav tells DK that he is going to take leave for few days as he wanted to spend time with Ovi. He also apologizes to DK as he had slapped Arjun. He enquires with DK whether he felt what Arjun did was wrong. DK accepts that what Arjun did was not correct. He adds that Arjun did not mean to intentionally hurt someone. DK states that Arjun committed a mistake as he had not informed about his and Purvi's relationship on the engagement day. DK tells Manav that their friendship should not be affected by Ovi and Arjun's breakup. Manav states that he could not forgive Arjun as he broke Ovi's heart. DK tells Manav that the best thing was to talk to Ovi and find a solution.Manav gets irritated when Ovi shows him presents which she brought for Arjun. He tries to make her realize that she must accept the fact. Manav tells Ovi that he was ready to give her everything if she forgets her love for Arjun. He tells Ovi that Arjun had transferred the company shares on her name. He adds that he wanted Ovi to return to Canada. In anger, Ovi states that Manav must transfer the shares on Purvi's name as she only wanted Arjun. She states that he could also transfer the shares on Archana's name as she was directing Purvi to ruin her life. Arjun packs his luggage and tells DK that he was leaving the house as he waned to make his own identity. DK allows Arjun to leave. He tells Arjun that Aashna would have been proud of his decision. When Arjun steps outside the house, at that moment it starts drizzling. Arjun lands up outside a tea stall and recollects the incident when Purvi had once offered him a glass of tea. Tejaswini realizes Archana was burning with fever and asks her not to do the household chores. Savita gets irritated to see Tejaswini taking care of Archana. She reminds Tejaswini that Archana was not there by her side when she needed her the most. Tejaswini replies that Archana helped her when she was new to the city. She adds that Archana took care of her while she was not keeping well. She states that out of compassion, she wanted to take care of Archana. Savita gets irritated while Manav gets elated on hearing Tejaswini's statement. Late at night, Ovi goes to the Karanjakar house and hands over a blank cheque to Purvi. She tells Purvi that she could fill whatever amount she wanted provided that she left Arjun forever. In anger, Purvi tears the cheque and states that she could have scarified her love, if Arjun was in love with Ovi. She adds that Arjun does not love Ovi. Ovi gets irritated and decides to leave from the house.At that time Sulochana enters the house and is surprised to see Ovi. Ovi leaves without a word. Sulochana learns from Purvi that Ovi had handed over a blank cheque to her. Sulochana believes that Ovi would learn her mistake on her own. Purvi tells Sulochana that she was worried about Ovi and hence wanted wanted to talk about Ovi to Arjun. She takes permission from Sulochana and goes to meet Arjun.

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 27th June 2012
Episode Number: 12
Available on: