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Pavitra Rishta Mar 26 Episode Video

In the previous episode, Archana not only insulted Vinay's parents but also rejected the marriage alliance between Purvi and Vinay. Purvi thanks Manav as he had promised that he would always stand by her in every difficult hour of her life. Before leaving, Manav asks Purvi to take care of herself. Savita calls up the organizers who took Tejaswini to London for her tennis tournament. Tejaswini had lied to Savita that the tournament was held London. The organizer tells Savita that the tournament was held in India and not London. He clarifies that someone must have misguided Savita regarding the venue of the tournament. Savita strongly believes Tejaswini was in Mumbai and decides to inform Manav about it. On his way back home, Manav's car breaks down. Manav's driver halts a taxi and requests Manav to go home. Manav enters the taxi but does not notice that Tejaswini was the driver. Later, Tejaswini gets scared when she realizes that Manav was her passenger. Just then Savita calls up Manav and shares her suspicions about Tejaswini's whereabouts. She suspects that Tejaswini was in India. She asks Manav to find out Tejaswini's location. Tejaswini, who overhears their conversation, gets even more apprehensive. Tejaswini drops Manav outside the Anand Niwas chawl. Manav fails to recognize Tejaswini's voice while asking her the taxi fare. He notices that the taxi driver's fingers and realizes that the driver was a female. Tejaswini immediately drives away from the spot. She gets irritated as she has to halt the taxi at a nearby traffic signal.Meanwhile, Manav recollects that he had gifted Tejaswini and Ovi a similar kind of ring which the taxi driver was wearing. He believes Tejaswini was the taxi driver and runs behind the taxi. He gets shocked when he sees Tejaswini in taxi driver's attire.

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 26th March 2012
Episode Number: 12
Available on: