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Pavitra Rishta May 22 Episode Video

In the previous episode, Ovi informed Archana, Tejaswini and Purvi about the caller who informed her about Arjun's affair.Tejaswini suggests that Ovi must work with Arjun in his office. She reasons out that in this way Ovi would not only get time to spend with Arjun but would also be able to keep an eye on him. Archana smartly changes the topic. Later, Archana asks Purvi to take care of the situation and help Ovi out. She tells Purvi that Ovi loves Arjun and hence was possessive about him.Archana informs Manav that Vinod was upset as they did not inform him about Ovi's engagement. Manav replies that Vinod had the right to be upset with him. He ends the conversation by assuring Archana that he would invite all her relatives for Ovi's wedding. As per Tejaswini's plan, Ovi decides to go along with Arjun to his office. On their way, Arjun picks up Purvi from her house. Purvi gets upset when she notices Ovi hugging Arjun. Arjun smartly asks Ovi to leave him as he wanted to check his phone. Ovi begins to complain as Arjun saying that he was a workaholic and did not want to spend time with her. She enquires with Purvi whether she was dating someone. Arjun gets upset when Purvi replies that she was not dating anyone. Ovi is left surprised to know that Purvi was single inspite of being beautiful and smart. Savita calls up Manav and asks him to email her the photos of the mansion, which he was building for her. Manav is left apprehensive as he had lied to her about the house. Savita tells Manav that she was aware that he wanted to surprise her and hence was not emailing her the photos. After disconnecting the call, Savita tells Sundari that Manav would be surprised when she arrives in India. Archana tells Manav that he should not have lied to Savita. Manav replies that Damodar had lied to Savita that he was going to India to construct a mansion in her name. Archana believes Manav should tell the truth to Savita.Manav fears that Savita would get angry if she learned that Archana was living with him. He refuses to reveal the truth to Savita as hardly three months were left for his and Archana's divorce. He assures Archana that Savita would never learn about them.

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 22nd May 2012
Episode Number: 12
Available on: