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Pavitra Rishta Nov 17 Episode Video

In the previous episode, DK summoned Dharmesh to his cabin. Thinking that DK must have ousted Manav, Dharmesh eagerly hurries to his cabin. Dharmesh gets shocked when DK hands over the documents of the Karanjakar residence to Manav in his presence. Manav warns Dharmesh not to interfere in anyone's personal matters. Manav hands over the documents of the Karanjakar residence to a surprised Sulochana. He tells the family that DK had purchased the Karanjakar residence on his behalf. Manav is elated as he was able to fulfill his promise of saving the Karanjakar residence. Manohar and Sulochana decide to leave for their own house. Before leaving, Manohar thanks Manav for making him and Sulochana happy. Manav tells Sulochana that he will miss her after she leaves his house. Sulochana asks Manav to promise her that he would visit them everyday. Vinod is left apprehensive thinking that he would have to vacate the house along with the children in a day's time. Manjusha arrogantly tells Vinod that she would go to any extent to get her house back. She insults him saying that that he was not taking any efforts to save the house. Vinod and Manjusha are left stunned when Manohar and Sulochana along with Archana and Manav enter the house. Manjusha rages at Manohar and Sulochana however Manav warns her. asks Manjusha to talk with respect to the aged couple. Vinod and Manjusha are in for a shock when they learn that DK had purchased the Karanjkar residence during the auction and that he had handed over the house to Sulochana and Manohar. Archana mockingly tells Manjusha that Sulochana was the legal owner of the house and that it was time for them to leave.

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 17th November 2011
Episode Number: 655
Available on: