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Pavitra Rishta October 23 Episode Video Part 2

In the October 23 episode of Pavitra Rishta aired on Zee TV, the Karanjkars are elated on the occasion of Vinod and Manjusha's wedding anniversary. Archana too is very happy for Vinod. On seeing the gifts brought by Ajit for Manjusha and Vinod, Rasika is unable to control her anger. She blames Ajit for their penurious condition. Manav plans to start his own garage instead of working for someone else. Manav's friend suggests taking loan from a moneylender. Though his friend warns him, Manav decides to take loan from the moneylender. When Manav reaches the moneylender's place, he is stunned to see Jaywant there. Manav eavesdrops on their conversation and learns that Jaywant was neck deep in debt. Jaywant informs the moneylender that he hoped to pay back the loan once he got married as his brother-in-laws were very rich. Damodar learns from Manav that Jaywant was getting married to Archana for his own advantage. Damodar tells Manav to go and reveal Jaywant's truth in front of Archana's family. When Manav reaches the Karanjkar's residence, the entire family, along with the Jaipurwalas, the Ranes and the Joshis are present for Manjusha and Vinod's wedding anniversary. Manav reveals Jaywant's truth in front of the entire gathering. The entire gathering is stunned on hearing it. Sulochana; however, refuses to believe Manav. She asks him to leave which shatters Manav. Archana remains silent and fails to stop Sulochana. Will Jaywant go scot-free?

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 23rd October 2010
Episode Number: 12
Available on: