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Pavitra Rishta September 16 Episode Video

In the September 16 episode of Pavitra Rishta aired on Zee TV, Rasika along with human rights activists visit Dharmesh and warns him not to retrench the workers. Rasika reiterates her threat: she will see to it that the factory is shut down if Dharmesh went ahead with his decision. Dharmesh declares he will not buckle under pressure. However, Archana speaks for him and announces that no worker will be retrenched. Archana requests to speak alone with Dharmesh. Asserting that her decision was well thought out, Archana informs Dharmesh that Rasika can create problems by raking up the workers issue. Urgent orders needed to be completed and failure would mean financial losses, she tells Dharmesh. Dharmesh finds merit in Archana's argument. Dharmesh finally announces that no worker will be retrenched. Everyone is happy.Manav reaches home and announces that Dharmesh has cancelled the decision to retrench workers. Archana and Rasika had a big role in convincing Dharmesh, Manav informs Damodar and Savita.Manav decides to invite Archana for his wedding. Damodar asks the need for inviting Archana as it would only cause problems for Manav. Manav reveals that the decision to marry again was a hard one and he needed her support. Ranes arrive at Karanjakr residence to decide the date for the marriage. Sulochana is thankful that Manav was not the topic. However, Sulochana is horrified when Manav comes home. Manav realizes that his presence was not welcome when the Ranes stare at him. Sulochana informs that Manav has come to invite for his marriage. Manav regrets going to Archana's home. He informs Damodar and Savita that Ranes did not approve his visit. Damodar consoles him and advices that one should always do what one's heart desired. Damodar prays to God and prays for a miracle.

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 16th September 2010
Episode Number: 344
Available on: