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Pavitra Rishta September 7 Episode Video

In the September 7 episode of Pavitra Rishta aired on Zee TV, Savita consoles Manav who is heartbroken about Archana marrying again. Manav reveals he will not be able to forget Archana. Damodar overhears Savita and Manav's conversation. He requests Ajit's help to unite Archana and Manav. As per their plan, Ajit and Damodar try to convince Archana and Manav that their erroneous decision will only aggravate their problems. Damodar points out that Archana and Manav would be destroying not only their lives but that of Jaywant and Shravani too.Damodar decides to meet Satish and Dharmesh and request them from not going ahead with Archana's marriage. However, Satish stops him. Archana reveals it is too late now as she is getting engaged the next day. Archana and Manav request Ajit and Damodar's support and point out that it has not been easy for them. An elated Varsha, hopes that Archana would be happy again after her marriage with Jaywant. Satish, however, states that no one had understood Archana and it will only add to the problems. Satish informs Varsha that instead of getting Archana married again, they should have tried to unite her with Manav. Varsha is forced to think by Satish's comments.Shravani shows Manav the marriage invitation card and asks him to offer it at the temple. Manav goes to the temple with the card where he meets Archana. Archana informs Manav that she was getting engaged to Jaywant. She requests Manav to attend her engagement. Will Archana marry Jaywant?

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 7th September 2010
Episode Number: 337
Available on: