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Pavitra Rishta July 23 Episode Video

Archana Archana is left stranded at Dadar station after the train tracks get inundated because of rains. Archana explores the surrounding area to find a different mode of transport. However, as luck would have it the police raid the area and accuse Archana of being involved in flesh trade in the July 23 episode of Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV. Archana tries to prove her innocence but the police refuse to hear. Just then, Ajit comes by and stops the police. He tells them that Archana is his sister and that she had come there to stop him from visiting the area. The police let Archana go and give rebuke Ajit for making his sister suffer for his bad deeds. Ajit asks for forgiveness from Archana for his bad deeds. Savita tells Damodar that Archana has come back to the city. Damodar tells her that he already knows about it since Archana works as Manav's supervisor. He adds that it is Bappa's divine plan to unite Archana and Manav.In the office, Archana tells Manav about the incident and the drastic change in Ajit in the past year. Manav is happy to hear that Ajit is finally a changed man. Archana asks Manav to speak to Satish about a job for Ajit. At home, Archana manages to convince Manohar to let Sulochana stay with Vinod for a few days. He says that Vinod, Punni and Ruchi need her support. Manohar finally relents. Ajit's bad days continue with him being cheated on every front. Even his employer cheats him and not just pays him less for more work but also fires him from his job. Ajit stands on the road looked defeated and dejected. He turns around to see Manav who has just witnessed the entire happening. Will Manav bring good news for Ajit?

Serial: Pavitra Rishta
Telecast Date: 23rd July 2010
Episode Number: 304
Available on: