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Phir Subah Hogi - Episode 171 - Full Episode

About the show

'BEDNI'Its the Story of 'Sugni', born in bedia tribe, young Sugani is also being made to realize that she is no exception and she will have to do the same what her mother has been doing so far-'Rai and prostitution' but since Sugni is a little literate and has got decent knowledge about the world outside her tribe, she knows about the life of other women who live their lives with pride, unlike a Bedni; those who are someone's daughter, someone's sister, and someone's lawful wife... those who reside in the 'Homes' and lead a life which is well protected by a roof of relations over their heads, unlike a Bedni who is meant to be the amusement for all the men of the vicinity. Sugni wants the same roof of relations for herself. She aspires to become a bride, desires to become a daughter-in-law, she wants to be a 'one man' woman instead of someone who belongs to all the men. No other Bedni has ever dared to dream of her own wedding instead of performing at others' weddings. But that's what Sugni dreams of-'getting married!'This is not just a dream. Its Sugni's attempt to change the age old tradition, which the corrupt society will never let go off. The blossom of Sugni's youth has already become the talk of the town, she has become the new sensation and heart throb amongst the men. So many decent propositions for her 'Sardhakai' (a ritual before she enters the trade), are already her way. And this is sufficient enough to encourage her mamas who find it difficult to manage the expenditure to the family with what their aging sister earns. They start making their own plans for a bright future but as Sugni's refusal to Rai and Sardhakai shifts the ground beneath them.In her journey sugni will not only encounter the evil face of the man who becomes her 'owner' but she will also experience the love with young adityababu who inspite of belonging to the thakur clan showers her with respect and holds her diginity.In this story we intend to tell the story of those who are marginalized due to the social deformities. Sugni's story represents the story of those who are neither demanding a ground nor a sky of their own, but the right to feel being human and to be proud of that, is all what they are asking for.BACKDROP-Bundelkand constitutes to the pride heritage of our country with the courageous tales and the colorful tradition of 'Bundelas'; but the same Bundelkhand, on the contrary sets an example of heinous human exploitation by a so called tradition of a tribal group called Bedia-the tradition of 'Rai dance'. The word 'Rai' is derived from 'Rasa' a dance performed by lord Krishna. As per the tradition 'Rai' was meant for pleasing the lord but later it deformed and became a medium of pleasing the devotees rather. With the course of time further more deformities took place and Rai dance became a part of general celebrations and social gathering finally getting victimized by human desires. Since the main occupation of Bedia tribe has been Rai dance, it gradually became insufficient for the livelihood of the entire family, therefore the Rai performers inevitably entered the flesh trade under constraint, for the sake of the bread and butter of their families. And this constraint later took the form of the tradition for them. Although flesh trade is not the stated occupation of the tribals of Bedia Tribe but the fact is that, today its their main occupation well covered behind the colors of Rai Dance. This is the reason why the word Bedni, meaning the women of Bedia tribe i.e. the Rai performers, is used as an epithet in the local language.This is a story where a group of people, conspires against another group of people by limiting their right to live life normally. The story of a tradition which allows humans to treat other humans as animals, rather means of their own amusement. It is a story of those who lead a doomed life taking it as a punishment given by the almighty and think its nothing but their destiny to remain like this. It is also a story of those who use their entity, power and wealth to make other humans into their slaves, those who claim to be the representatives of the society and in fact shame the society itself. This story attempts to expose the truth of the tradition, which is relished by the civilized society as one of its high standards, and which actually shames the humanity.

Serial: Phir Subah Hogi
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 171
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