Surbhi Jyoti as Mahira
Mahira Played by Surbhi Jyoti

Mahira is a geeky girl next door - bespectacled with braces. She is drawn to a man with supernatural powers in a most unlikely love story..

Rajbeer Singh as Azad
Azad Played by Rajbeer Singh

Azad is the eldest child of Nawab Begum. He has a brooding nature, yet is a mature young man. Azad is gifted with supernatural powers..

Surbhi Jyoti as Sanam
Sanam Played by Surbhi Jyoti

22 years old. Sanam is a lookalike of her mother Zoya. And although she has grown up in a completely different set up has the same attitude to life as her mother. Behind the confident, independent exterior though lies a sensitive girl who misses not having parents. She is a survivor and has been from a very young age the sole breadwinner for her family made up of her grandmother Dilshad and cousin Nafisa who is deaf and mute. She runs a dhaba and although her business is still small, she is starting to be known for her cooking.She has the habits and traits of both asad and zoya....she has OCD like asad and is also an extrovert and curious like zoya.Sanam deeply values family, just like zoya did.. Dilshad never really told her much about her parents except that life used to be great once, till they both died in an accident.Sanam had the sensitivity since childhood to have not prodded her dadi to talk about her parents, even though she desperately wants to know more about them. She knows talking about the past hurts dilshad. Sanam's dream is to one day own a restaurant and give a comfortable life to dilshad and her cousin. She has decided, even after she gets married, she will continue to run the dhaba and earn money for her dadi.She has no clue life is going to take a turn for the unexpected.Some additional traits: True to Dilshad's prediction, Sanam can never eat pizza, the moment she sees it, she feels like her hunger has gone. She loves kulcha chole.She too says bad shayris and also has a collection of DJ's (dardnaak jokes). She says allah miya(and a Punjabi phrase) She has no understanding of gadgets (like Asad) but keeps whatever she has spic n span.She has some fleeting memories of her childhood recalls running around, playing with parents whose faces she cant see clearlyremembers holding another kid's hands and turning in circles and sees her own face on both sidesand she has the memory of two cat eyeslooking down on her.

Karanvir Bohra as Aahil Raza Ibrahim
Aahil Raza Ibrahim Played by Karanvir Bohra

30, rich, arrogant and spoilt. He is a rake who treats people with contempt, especially women. He is notorious for his philandering ways and gives two hoots about tradition or propriety. And yet behind his devilish exterior lies a deeply hurt soul. He carries the burden of an act that he believes he committed when he was young and is unable to forgive himself for it. He punishes himself by being bad...taking on the scorn of the world, reiterating to himself that he is someone to be despised.He is unpredictable, volatile and insensitive ....except for with his two sisters who he is protective about and his mother, who is the only person in the world he adores. To him, she is the world.He has a dry sense of humor, often sarcastic and plain mean. There is absolutely no discipline in his life....and it seems like he is going to carry on with his reckless ways forever.....till one day when Sanam steps into his life.Some additional info: Aahil is totally into gadgets, his room is totally wired and hi-tech. Others see only his philandering ways but in fact he keeps a remote tab on his business through his gadgets, which may appear very fleeting but is precise.He loves his burgers and pastas and is horrified when Sanam puts coriander on everything.Aahil is a biker, very often we see him go on his bike and his official car following him. He loves his bike..

Surbhi Jyoti as Seher
Seher Played by Surbhi Jyoti

Twenty years ago, when Tanveer massacred the family, Dilshad managed to run off with the kids. However, in the frenzy, Dilshad did not realize the Seher was left behind. Sheher was rescued from the streets and grew up in an orphanage as her family could not be traced. So, Seher learnt to fend for herself at an early age.Now, Seher has grown up into a brash yet smart and quick thinking girl who is very impulsive and loves to live her life to the fullest. Living the fast life in Mumbai, Seher takes life head on and lives for the moment. She cons people and then splurges the money on good food and designer clothes. Despite being a con, Seher helps people, especially kids, who are in trouble. She makes sure that the kids realize that they have to learn to fend for themselves and stand up to life's challenges. Don't complain, act - that is her mantra.Very different in mannerisms than Sanam, Seher loves to brag about her cons and it is as if she wants to become some sort of a legend. Blessed with the talent of blending in any crowd, Seher still stands out. Another thing notable about her is that though Seher has not grown up in a rich family, she loves to eat pizzas and does not prefer street food. Her fascination for gadgets has taken a strange turn and she has made a kit for herself which she uses to pick locks. Despite all her devil-may-care attitude, one thing Seher misses a lot is a family..

Amrapali Gupta as Begum Sahiba Tanveer
Begum Sahiba Tanveer Played by Amrapali Gupta

The famous Billo Rani who plunged the knife into her beau Asad and his family 20 years ago . She married an old Nawab and inherited the title of Begum Sahiba and rules over her haveli. She killed the nawab and made Aahil , her son believe he did it, yet took the punishment herself thereby earning his devotion. She returns back now to the Haveli and comes face to face with Sanam, but as fate would have it, she does not recognise the girl who is the spitting image of her mother zoya as she is now blind in both eyes - The tiny price she paid when Asad, in his agony on the night of the massacre stabbed the knife she was slaying him with, into her other eye..