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Queens Hain Hum - Episode 59 - February 16, 2017 - Full Episode

The panel proceeds with the case and talks to an employee of the company, who happens to be Jhanvi's junior. He gives out his opinion regarding the case and believes that Jhanvi and were in a relationship that had turned sour. Meanwhile, Pushkar matches Sahil's voice with Binnys' and realizes that the two of them are one and the same person. When Pushkar learns that Sahil is not at the parlour, he is certain that Maya is in danger. He drives to Noida and calls up Maya on the way to enquire about her safety. Watch Queens Hai Hum to know what happens next.

Serial: Queens Hain Hum
Telecast Date: 16th February 2017
Episode Number: 59
Available on: