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Samparka Hrudayara - Episode 111 - February 24, 2018 - Full Episode

About the show

Radhakant Babu is a school teacher who is revered in the locality for his principles and virtuous deeds. He stays in his big ancestral house which stands at the centre of the City but is a deserted one. He lives a rather solitary life, being unmarried and no relatives alive. Life takes a turn, when one day he finds a baby girl in the lonely corner of the City. Nothing remains the same. He adopts the baby girl and names her Pooja. Thereafter, the father-daughter bond evolves stronger with time. After Pooja’s arrival in his life, Radhakant considers the importance of relations and adopts people of different ages, going through hazards in life. The big deserted house is now full of life, thanks to the adopted set of people that includes Daadi Maa, Chhotu, Bhala Maa, etc. Pooja is brilliant at studies and her presence of mind has won her appreciation. Ajay is her friend since childhood and is her one-stop-solution buddy who never leaves any stone unturned for her. Pooja considers him her best friend only but for Ajay, Pooja is his love of life. Ajay is a good singer and Pooja constantly motivates him to make it big in the Music World. Everything goes fine till the day Radhakant gets a heart attack and there is a sudden requirement of cash for his treatment. Pooja has no other option left but to mortgage the ancestral house. She has kept this news secret to all the family members including Radhakant. However, the lender turns out to be a fraud and Pooja is legally liable to pay 10 times of the loan taken. A lady comes to her rescue. Optionless, Pooja signs a deal at the cost of her future and life to save the house.

Serial: Samparka Hrudayara
Telecast Date: Mon-Sat 7.30 PM
Episode Number: 111
Available on: