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Santoshi Maa - Episode 295 - January 11, 2017 - Full Episode

Santoshi blames herself for the death of her child and she decides to end her life. Meanwhile, Paulmi Devi is extremely happy to see Santoshi giving up hope and ready to end her life. But just as Santoshi is about to jump off the cliff, she hears the sound of a lamb in pain. She sees that the lamb is about to fall off the cliff and Santoshi rushes to rescue the baby. Just then, Santoshi Maa appears in a human form and seems aware that Santoshi is here to end her life. Meanwhile, Paulmi Devi gets furious seeing Santoshi Maa on earth and wonders how she could have the power to change forms and land on earth in spite of being punished against using her powers. Watch Santoshi Maa to know what happens next.

Serial: Santoshi Maa
Telecast Date: 11th January 2017
Episode Number: 295
Available on: