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Santoshi Maa - Episode 366 - April 15, 2017 - Full Episode

Santoshi and Dhairya get married and while the ritual is going on, Santoshi trips and Dhairya holds on to her. Seeing the proceedings, Trsihna gets furious and makes up her mind to not let them live in peace. Trishna finds Daksha at the varandah and she enters her body. Later, as Daksha appears before the guests, Rudhrakshi notices something different about Daksha. That night, as Dhairya and Santoshi go to sleep, Daksha enters their room with a knife in her hand. However, before she manages to take any action, Rudhrakshi reaches the scene. Watch Santoshi Maa to know more.

Serial: Santoshi Maa
Telecast Date: 15th April 2017
Episode Number: 366
Available on: