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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke July 16 Episode Video

In the previous episode Mayank had seen Gunjan clicking photos with Mintu at an isolated place. He had informed his family about it. When Gunjan and Rachna return home, Shail questions them where had they been. Rachna realizes that Mayank must have complained to the family about them. Gunjan lies to Shail that they had been to search for her wallet in the market. A furious Shail hands over Gunjan's wallet as she had found it in Rachna's room. Shail asks Gunjan and Rachna to reveal the truth. When the duo refuses to reveal about their whereabouts, Seema intervenes. She accuses Gunjan of having an affair with Mintu. Gunjan gets furious and accepts being along with Mintu. She, however, refuses the claims of having affair with Mintu. Dayal's sister holds Shail responsible for the incident as she has given freedom to Gunjan. She accuses Gunjan of spoiling the name of their family. Gunjan feels upset and tries to convince Shail that she had not done anything wrong to spoil the name of her family. A furious Dayal questions Gunjan why had she been to meet Mintu. The family gets furious when Gunjan refuses to reveal the truth. She asserts that Dayal would never be able to understand her. Dayal's sister advises him not to allow Rachna to be along with Gunjan. She also insults Gunjan. Rachna recollects the incidents wherein Gunjan had helped her. She also recollects the moment wherein Gunjan tried to cheer up when she was worried that Mintu may show their photos to Dayal. Rachna gathers all her courage and decides to reveal the truth to the family in order to help Gunjan. Gunjan tries to stop Rachna but fails. Rachna narrates to the family the incident wherein she had accepted a stranger's friend requests. She adds that the stranger was none other than Mintu. She also narrates the incident how Mintu compelled her to meet him and how he managed to click her photos along with him. She also informs the family how Gunjan helped her to delete the photos from Mintu's camera. Dayal's sister gets furious at Rachna and advises Dayal to get her married. Gunjan intervenes and tries to convince the family to forgive Rachna. A furious Mayank decides to teach Mintu a lesson but Seema tries to stop him. She tells Mayank not to interfere in the matter unnecessarily. Mayank, however, was determined and was about to leave when Dayal stops him.

Serial: Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke
Telecast Date: 16th July 2012
Episode Number: 12
Available on: