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Shubhavivaha - Episode 513 - December 7, 2016 - Full Episode

About the show

What do you think would be the mindset of a mother who has a 29 year old unmarried daughter? Janakkamma's worry has also been the same when it comes to her elder daughter Shraddha's wedding. To add more spice, she owns a marriage hall where she inevitably has to witness so many weddings when her own daughter's track is not set! Shubha Vivaaha is a story of serendipity which intertwines the life of two strangers in an eternal bond of marriage. The story line is centralised between two sisters 'Shraddha' & 'Sunidhi' daughters of 'Janakamma' who owns the 'ShubhaVivaha' wedding hall. 'Shraddha' is a lecturer who is very soft, calm & composed by nature, whereas 'Sunidhi' has just finished college, is a brat who takes life very easily, things for granted and also is very naughty. The two male protagonists 'Suresh' & 'Bhuvan' are poles apart in their characters. 'Suresh', colleague of 'Shraddha' is a person who is even capable of giving advices & suggestions to Adolf Hitler. He is very strict, well behaved, disciplined & very good at heart. The only reason why people find 'Suresh' irritating is because of his idealistic behaviour and finding flaws from the society. He cannot stand people who create distortion to the society. On the other hand, the other male lead protagonist 'Bhuvan' is a rockstar and also the heartthrob of nation. A small glance by 'Bhuvan' can make girls dance to his tunes.

Serial: Shubhavivaha
Telecast Date: Mon-Fri 10:00 PM
Episode Number: 513
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