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Sindura Bindu - Episode 889 - February 5, 2018 - Full Episode

Sindura Bindu is about a couple who get married under strange circumstances. The lead female protagonist NEELU is a tomboy character who is into all male like activities starting from playing gully cricket to bashing up baddies, and she outdoes her male friends. The male protagonist DEVA was supposed to be married to Neelu's elder sister PRIYA. Priya, an over ambitious girl by nature, runs away on the wedding day with her love interest BIREN who is madly in love with her. To save the honour of the family and out of unconditional love for Priya, Neelu dons the wedding dress made for Priya and with the veil on gets married to Deva.

Serial: Sindura Bindu
Telecast Date: 5th February 2018
Episode Number: 889
Available on: