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Snowdrop Uncensored - Episode 11 - Sept 12, 2017 - Full Episode

Nadya is horrified as she finds Rita's bleeding body on the road. She calls up the emergency services and meanwhile, Irina continues to panic as she is the one, who had hit Rita with her car. Irina finally decides to reach the scene of the accident as she does not approve of leaving Rita lying on the road. As she reaches the place, she finds Nasya with Rita's body and Irina instantly acts as if she was not aware of the accident. After a while, the emergency services arrive and Rita's body is taken away. Nadya leaves along with the body and Irina uses this time to wipe all traces of her presence at the accident site.

Serial: Snowdrop Uncensored
Telecast Date: 17th September 2017
Episode Number: 11
Available on: