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Snowdrop - Episode 54 - March 18, 2017 - Full Episode

Nadya, in her fury, beats up Irina and demands to know about her involvement in her son's death. The police arrives and takes the two of them to the police station. After a while, Nadya and Irina are left alone at the police station and Nadya starts to accuse Irina of her child's death. Later, Igor arrives and is surprised to see Irina bleeding. Watch Snowdrop to know more.Snowdrop revolves around the hate story of two step sisters, Nadya and Irina. Framed for a murder that she did not commit, Nadya must soon make a daring escape from prison, to stop her step sister Irina from marrying the love of her life Igor.

Serial: Snowdrop
Telecast Date: 18th March 2017
Episode Number: 54
Available on: