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Tobu Mone Rekho - Episode 139 - July 23, 2017 - Full Episode

About the show

Zee Bangla is set to launch a new show Tobu Mone Rekho, with this show the makers will question the social norms of the society. The show revolves around its 3 central characters Aditya his wife Ruby and caregiver Jahnabi. Aditya was a happily married man with his beautiful wife Ruby and two lovely children. Everything seemed perfect, but slowly Ruby became eccentric & mentally unstable. Enters Jahnabi - a caregiver for the ailing Ruby. But soon Jahnabi becomes the support system for the entire family. The children totally love her, as she fills the role of a mother figure, missing from their lives. Aditya too begins to suffer from a platonic affliction towards Jahnabi, and she too shares similar feelings. Are they right or wrong? Watch Tobu Mone Rekho to figure that out.

Serial: Tobu Mone Rekho
Telecast Date: Mon-Sun 7.00 PM
Episode Number: 139
Available on: