Marina Ruy Barbosa as Eliza
Eliza Played by Marina Ruy Barbosa

Eliza is a simple country girl who lives with her mother, step-father and siblings. Eliza has had a very tough childhood, thanks to her evil step-father, and it is because of her step-father that she runs away to the capital. Initially she has to live on the streets, but she soon meets Jonatas who eventually becomes her 1st love, but her life changes completely when she meets Arthur, who motivates her to enter the world of fashion..

Felipe Simas as Jonatas
Jonatas Played by Felipe Simas

Jonatas comes from a humble family. He lives at an abandoned movie theater in Rio de Janeiro and works as a candy street hawker at the traffic light. He falls in love with Eliza, but always suffers due to her absence..

Fabio Assuncao as Arthur
Arthur Played by Fabio Assuncao

Arthur, the owner of a renowned modelling agency Excaliber is a smart intelligent, observant, polite, and kind man. He enters into a bet with Carolina, the Editor In Chief of the famous fashion magazine Total Dreamer, that he can transform any girl into a glamorous model. For this, he picks Eliza with whom he later ends up falling in love..

Juliana Paes as Carolina
Carolina Played by Juliana Paes

Carolina is the Editor in Chief of the famous fashion magazine, ‘Total Dreamer’. She is a focused & a professional woman whose career has been an example for others in the fashion world. She is an ambitious woman who fights for everything she wants..