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Total Dreamer - Episode 108 - Aug 12, 2017 - Full Episode

Arthur tells Eliza that he knows how Jojo feels now that she to choose between her parents. Lily and Jermano fail to understand what is making them feel drowsy and they just to go sleep instead. Debora decides to believe Casandra and gets the food tested. Fabino and Debora have a fall out in the lab as he doesn’t believe she is actually testing the food for drugs. Fabino breaks up with Casandra for blaming her sister and for calling her names. Raphael loses his mind when he sees Lily and Jermano having a good time at the café. Jojo runs away from home to avoid moving to Miami with her mom, and Arthur misses his flight due to the confusion. Carol, Eliza and Raphael leave for Uruguay without Arthur. Carol, who already has a lot planned cannot wait to execute them as Arthur has missed his flight.

Serial: Total Dreamer
Telecast Date: 12th August 2017
Episode Number: 108
Available on: