Amrita Khopkar as Madhu Gangadhar Sharma
Madhu Gangadhar Sharma Played by Amrita Khopkar

A sweet, simple at heart, pretty and slightly plump lady who loves drama and all that it entails. She has a heart of gold. She has had to face a number of problems in life but has not let that discourage her. Rather, her optimism and enthusiasm for life depicts her as being almost childish, someone who is perennially ready to believe in the best of others. Her innocence brings out the best in others too. After her husband’s death (few years back), her world revolves around her children who she has managed to raise on her own. Soon her daughter gets married and becomes busy in her domestic life. Her son moves to Bangalore for work as well. To pass her time, Madhu turns to television and finds it fascinating. She is soon lost in the elaborate stories and the palatial houses. She idolizes the characters in it and starts to wish that she could get a bahu for Vivek right from the television world. The line between real and reel world begins to blurr for her as she gets entry into the TV world..

Aakash Ahuja as Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma Played by Aakash Ahuja

He has a steady job and one that he is quite good at. He is polite and soft-spoken and comes across as a simple guy. He is good looking, girls are attracted to him easily but he does not get carried away with the attention. He loves his mother to bits. He is a hard worker who wishes to become someone in life. However, his personal life runs on a different track. He is transferred back to Bombay after a two year stint in Bangalore. Upon his return, he realizes that Madhu has become a different person, totally absorbed in the ‘Saas-Bahu’ serials which have influenced her mannerisms as well. Being a rational guy he dismisses Madhu’s claims to have entered the TV world in his trademark “hadd karti ho ma..”, but in reality, he is worried about her obsession levels. But when he realises that there might be a world on the other side of the television screen, logic gives way to irony and despair as Vivek struggles to make sense of what is real and what is reel..