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Vrindavan Ki Radhika - Episode 113 - October 1, 2016 - Full Episode

About the show

Vrindavan Ki Radhika is a story of an adopted girl child called Radhika of Shastriji and Devki who live in Vrindahvan. They also have a biological child Vishakha who wants to be an actress in Bollywood. Vishakha and Radhika share a strong bond. Another family who also have an ancestral home in Vrindhavan, the Purohits, live in Delhi and have two sons, Vivek and Dev. Their younger son, Dev who they have great expectations from, falls in love with Radhika. However as fate would have it, he gets married to Vishaka. The story takes a dramatic turn when Radhika goes to Dev’s house. This sets the atmosphere for an unusual love triangle as each of the characters deal with their unique dilemmas.

Serial: Vrindavan Ki Radhika
Telecast Date: Mon-Sat 7.30 PM
Episode Number: 113
Available on: