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Waaris - Episode 20 - June 10, 2016 - Full Episode

Deena decides to conduct the ceremony whereby Maanu will have his first grain of food. She decides to get 'kheer' prepared for the occassion and immediately Raavi decides to use 'kheer' as a means to kill the baby. Just then, Jagan walks into the house fuming with rage and Amba asks him why he is angry. She further informs all that Jagan had won the auction and yet failed to bring home the grains as he was too busy getting into a fight. Hearing Amba's taunts, Jagan enters his room and is furious with Raavi for doing nothing to kill the baby. Raavi then informs Jagan of her intentions to kill Mannu by feeding him the poisoned 'kheer'. Watch Waaris to know what happens next.

Serial: Waaris
Telecast Date: 10th June 2016
Episode Number: 20
Available on: