Sonal Vengurlekar as Survi
Survi Played by Sonal Vengurlekar

8 years later, Survi has grown up and is a nurse by profession. Her father Shrikant is back with her and they are living in a different chawl. With Shrikant undergoing Cancer treatment, Survi has to work hard to make ends meet. Kismet brings Survi back to Kartik's house and she nurses Aniket after his accident. Survi however has to conceal her real identity from Taai and Kartik and goes by different name..

Ankush Arora as Kartik
Kartik Played by Ankush Arora

8 years later, Kartik has grown angry and bitter and still is upset over Survi's betrayal and the fact that he has lost a close friend. A brooding hero, he goes on to become a film producer all the while giving Survi a tough time while she takes care of Aniket..

Pankaj Vishnu as Shrikant
Shrikant Played by Pankaj Vishnu

Shrikant lived in the chawl which was controlled by his friend and local don 'Bhau'. The police forced Shrikant to help them trap Bhau. When the police confronted Bhau, a shoot-out took place and Bhau was killed and his son Aniket was shot in the leg, injuring him for life..

Rinku Karmarkar as Kamla Taayi
Kamla Taayi Played by Rinku Karmarkar

Kamla Taayi isn't at all what she portrays herself to be. A dominating woman even before her husband's death, Taayi fancies herself as the head of the family. She has to have the final word in any matter. Kartik's money goes to her at the end of the month and all decisions have to meet with her approval. She rules with an iron hand and her weaknesses are known only to her children. Karthik's money is spent on her luxurious lifestyle. Taayi and her daughters never lift a finger to help around the house..