Sameeksha Jaiswal as Mehek
Mehek Played by Sameeksha Jaiswal

Mehek is a bright, simple girl who lost her parents in an accident when she was 12- and it is from her mother that she has inherited this innate art of cooking. She loves to spread happiness to the people around her by the food she cooks. Mehek is the most positive person around, who believes that nothing in life should bog you down. She has an optimistic perspective to everything- and small things like making food for others bring a smile to her face..

Karan Vohra as Shaurya
Shaurya Played by Karan Vohra

Shaurya is the quintessential angst hero who is the owner of a huge chain of restaurants, one of the leading young businessmen of India who has achieved worldwide fame. Shaurya has wealth, power and fame- but is a hardnosed, almost ruthless businessman, who’s sarcasm can cut through steel. He believes money talks and is very passionate about food. But his food philosophy is the diametric opposite of Mehek as he believes in modern cooking and hates traditional Indian cooking styles..