Amar Durga | Monday To Saturday At 8:30pm | Promo Only On Zee Bangla

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Watch Aamar Durga and other Zee Bangla shows LIVE at Now enjoy Live TV On the Go and catch Shows, Movies, Sports, News and more with #BeesKaTV at or download the dittoTV app now. Subscribe to the dittoTV channel Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: The story of an uprising…A journey of a simple girl who unleashes her inner strength... Fights against all odds to become a symbol of power and justice for the society.. A story that proves that in every woman resides ‘Goddess Durga’.. The story of a daughter, a fighter and a winner… From the renowned Production House of – ‘ACROPOLIS’.The house that has produced successful shows like ‘Rashi’, ‘Badhubaron’, etc... brings to you a socio-political drama - ‘Aamar Durga' ! The story revolves around ‘Durga’, a simple village girl.The simple, shy Durga transforms into a fighter when life throws challenges at her..These challenges only make her stronger person. She rises as a rebel not only to stand up for herself but also for the society at large.. With this determination, she becomes the ideal representative of the common mass. Life takes a turn when her biggest enemy, the leader of the opposition party, Abhiroop Mukherjee becomes her father-in-law.. What lies ahead is an inspiring story of how Durga excels as an ideal wife and as a true leader of society.."

Genre : Zeebangla promos Language : Bengali